Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of modernism in the light of Qur’an?

Ladies and gentlemen! Societies called itself modern when they developed in the field of scientific discoveries, psychological terminologies and in their idiosyncrasies . The real meaning of being modern is to be more generous from the past discoveries, idiosyncrasies and more authentic in their thoughts. The word modernism itself is not a word in which we could find any high relativity or negative expectations. We can not use this word for new trends in fashion. Sometimes it also happened that when some dress designer takes inspiration from antiquity and adopt it as new fashion, and called herself modern. Whereas generally speaking culture tend to be rebellious in nature, just like the germs of culture which feeds upon experience. Traditions are outcome of varieties and creates new environment. In the beginning traditions oppose these varieties but gradually feel proud of it. It is not a strange thing, for example, at the advent of Islam idolship was considered as a conservative religion whereas Islam was a modern and revolutionary religion. Gradually with the advancement of science and technology all religions were considered as unreliable but not Islam. Because all scientific inventions and discoveries were unable to compete Qura’n. Unfortunately now people have stopped reading Qura’n with complete understanding and they are doing researches on the basis of modern sciences. And it would be unjust to give opinion about it without reading it on its own level, as Lord Russell did and said about Qura’n, “All gospel truth is alike” But all gospel truth is not alike, Qura’n is not like Bible. It is entirely a different book of which if any information is proved wrong then Allah becomes also wrong. There is a major difference between Qura’n and other gospels. Man remains a man despite of doing hundred of mistakes but Allah is not Allah if he does a single mistake. And Allah has declared Qura’n as his data. Logical positivist had denied Allah as there was no data of Allah. When we saw a table we already have a logical construct of table in our mind. The logical construct of table describes its own self . The logical positivist objected because there was no logical data of Allah in their mind. Russell quotes an example of a man blind by birth who has no concept of an elephant unless somebody told him about its shape. Similarly according to him people are blind to understand Allah as there exist no data of Allah so it is apart from sense and ultimately is a non sense. Anthropologists have declared religion an outcome of man’s own action and they have provided examples from different societies; how they give rise to the concept of Allah. I give you its example when in Makkah they created two or three Gods (Heaven forbids) they called them daughters of God…… The goddess made up of white stone was called lat and the goddess made up of black stone was called manat. The anthropologists were of the view that Hajr-e-asvad (black stone) is the symbol of lat as Arabs were under its spell. Since they did not listen or understand any argument authentic against their religion. Suppose if I say we do not give respect to Hajr-e- asvad as a sacred stone for its color but respect it as it was touched by Prophet like Ibrahim( A.S) , Ismail (A.S) and Muhammad (SAW). Moreover we will also try to understand them that why we kissed that stone but those people will never understand this, since that is part of anthropology as in August Comet words: “If there was no God , the people would create a God” Once I asked an anthropologist to tell me how a man could be religious by birth whereas once he was a wild man and killed animals! Why don’t you realize that he was endowed a guidance of instructions of which you have no proof? And he replied to me “This is a mistake we make, we can not include this possibility in our thesis because we have no proof.” This is the main reason for sciecnces to call itself modern. And this modernism is due to skepticism . Skeptics had the ability to raise question on any issue . In declining societies first of all there code of moralities are affected. Code of moralities are based on religion. And in present circumstances standards of moralities have been changed and religion is considered as vile and mean. Ladies and gentlemen! We have very different ideas, honestly speaking we can not understand God with our common sense or with extraordinary intellectual sense. We have to work very hard, we have to understand things ,very difficult things. We continuously need an intellectual perception and self discipline. To my mind it is the job of the highly intellectual seriousness. Unless we achieve that high seriousness we can not find God. This is the kind of approach we call modernism. Unfortunately modernism has compartmentalize all the branches of knowledge. Every one specializes in its own field and is ignorant of other fields. In the past people used to learn every kind of knowledge and a vision was created in them. An ordinary com-powder could diagnose our disease as compared to present situation as diseases have also became more complex with rising complexities in our lives .To see a supernatural being or search a virus has become an equal task. Modernism is an effort to get understanding but we just can not refuse the past. These moral values have not come in modern age. The main reason of lack of understanding , frustration and restlessness is due to getting far from central structure of religion.

What does Islamic Law say about the legitimacy of suicide attack?

When the war between India and Pakistan in 1965 was going on ,all newspaper were consecutively announcing the following news that our army was fighting hard and they did not even hesitate to put bombs around their bodies and blast the tanks of enemy with them. They were suicide attackers and what else? Off course they were suicide attackers. Beside this there is another method of suicide attacks in the western societies, which is called total brain washed methodology .In such societies they prepare suicide bombers by keeping them in complete solitude and without any food. When they get totally fed up from their lives, only one choice is left for them to get freedom which is to become suicide bombers. One method is based on for the defend of one’s country out of love and compassion, and the other is based on brain washing. There are many other examples in the world where armed forces fight to defend their countries and we can not label them as suiciders. This is the basic difference throughout this approach. At one place there are professional bombers, and at other place are army men who are fighting for the honor and the defense of their country. And nowadays it is great misconduct which we are observing in cases of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is their right to fight for freedom; we can not clearly say whether they are wrong in doing so (suicide attacks). They are applying the same methodology of “ do are die”, it is a war skill and an action like gorilla war, we can not blame them. But the way suicide bombers are attacking in cities and killing hundred and thousand of children, young men, women and old alike without any discrimination is unjustifiable. Quran says : “Work not in confusion in the earth after the fair ordering” (Al-Ayraaf 56) : The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once asked that near the end of this world a time will come when the victim and the victimizer both will be unaware of the fact why they are killing or being killed. And I think that time has come now. Thousand of people are becoming victim of such suicide attacks without any involvement, neither they are part of war nor they did any crime or having any part in terrorism but are dying….why they are dying and who are killing them? We do not know any reason yet, but we can not make this opinion for freedom fighters or armed forces.

What is your opinion about " musical naa't" ?

Answer: If music of that naat is used before in any film then it should not be allowed.Let me tell you an authentic incident from Islamic history. When our great Prophet Muhammad (SAW) entered Madina,the little girls of Madina were playing tambourine(daff)and were singing these lines in praise of Prophet (SAW). "Tala al badar-o-aleina min sania til Wida,waja baat shukur-o- aleina,ma da allah-e- da" It means musical naa't is not forbidden in a respectable and reasonable musical background.Only that music which is normally called jampacked music is not allowed.It would be an insulting act to use filmi music in composition of naa't.If you have to compose a musical naa't then follow the example of girls of Madina who played tambourine which is a kind of musical instrument.They played tambourine and sung in praise of Prophet(SAW) and we are completely aware about this naa't which was sung by that time; " THE MOON AROSE FROM "THE PASSES OF WIDA" AND PROPHET(SAW) CAME HERE , EVERY ONE SHOULD THANKED TO HIS LORD WHO HAS BLESSED US AND BESTOWED UPON US SUCH A GREAT BLESSING IN THE FORM OF PROPHET (SAW)" Melaad-un -Nabi(saw) which are being celebrated at present time are a mere show of music and dance only.No one can even suppose to consider it as a sacred gathering of Melaad.To celebrate this event is not prohibited but the way it is celebrated nowadays is improper.It should be celebrated in a decent manner;though every one give his own judgment according to his standards of decency.May Allah bless us to be on right direction.

What are those skills required for the better understanding of Qur'an?

Answer: It is the problem of opinion making, unless you have had collected enough information, avoid opinion making and concentrate on acquiring knowledge and after absorbing knowledge it should be reflected in your ways of life practically. Mostly it happened to you that you turned against one person's opinion after getting impressed with another’s. Keep learning and be Patient! Allah has provide you a choice and I believe when you will study and collect different opinions then it is possible to achieve any good opinon. You should not make an opinion unless you attain the power of decision and maturity of opinion according to the Principles of ethics. There is no limit for getting knowledge, study whatever you like to study but don’t make any opinion. It is possible that you make a big mistake in haste by taking any of final decision. And you should always seek more and more guidance on the situation and never ignore possibilities. You should snatch each and every point of view like a hen that picks about the gravel. The curiosity of a student should be on such a level that he picks every thing which is available. It should be in your clutches if you are a good student.

What do you say about the use of credit-cards in respect of Islamic principles?

Why in respect of Islamic principles? You just tell me why? There is no Islamic principle. When our government, laws and economy is not based on Islamic system then why do you Involve credit -cards in it. You are asking this question in one individual capacity. Are you the only person who is using it? If you have had choices then you would be able to change it. You have got no choice to change the monitory or banking system. Why are you insisting on such question? You will have to create an interest- free banking system. The system of our government is based on interest (usury) system. We are building mosques and constructing roads on interest, Even we get water through this system. There is a hadith of Prophet (SAW) regarding interest (usury), "A time will come when every house will be affected by it (usury) indirectly." Have you got no sense for change or the true acceptance of Islamic system? Allah hath said Clearly in Qur’an, ""Do not deceive me" We are mixing democracy with monitory and communism. Allah says; don’t do this with me, You choose namaz and fasting for me and adopt mixed systems according to your own choice. If you really want to get benefit from Islam then you have to see which system is better. When you acknowledge and adopt the democracy and communism fully then why not Islamic system? Allah hath said in Qur’an: "If you want to accept my religion then does it fully and completely, don’t mix it." So if you have to create an Islamic system then enter in this system fully, where prevails systems Of zakat (poor due) and sadakat (alms), government would have its own rights and the public too, And the common man has got the right to approach his king, just like the example set by Hazart Umer (R.A). When our every institution will run on such system and still we suffer then it would be our right to complaint against Allah. Allah says you (Muslims) are just maintaining me .You have accepted me like traditional taboos.. You give credit to the whole world and discredit my religion. All systems except Islamic system are satanic so never mix them, Allah says, "There is no doubt that he (Satan) is your open enemy" "Every system except Mine system is satanic” As far as credit card is concerned it is of little worth, practically speaking it is better to avoid credit cards.